Sales Promotion Games For Sales Teams

Automate Your Incentive Programs with Play Codes

Branded Sales Promotions using Odds & Inventory Controlled Marketing Games for Events, Websites, Mobile, Retail, Social & More!

Sales promotions are an effective and fun way to drive new business to your business. Use the power of a Play Code as an incentive to do X!

We offer multiple types of Sales Promotions using Play Codes. Our technology allows various systems to handle incoming codes and outgoing codes.

There are many versions and options for creating unique promotions. We work with you to support your design and details. Visit our Gallery to see what others have done. Play the DEMO Below

Developers Note:

We do many of these incentive games for sales teams and employees. They work well and do the job of improving sales. The option that I’m excited about is the Brand Gaming / Tango Card integration of automating fulfillment saving companies much time and the expense of fulfillment. Contact David Harkins for a Tango Card Demo at 1-877-530-4499

Sales Incentives Overview

Spiff incentives are commissions or bonuses that are offered to salespeople in order to motivate them to sell more. These incentives can take many forms, such as cash bonuses, trips, or other prizes. They are often offered on a temporary basis, in order to drive a specific increase in sales over a short period of time.

Spiff incentives can be based on the salesperson’s individual performance, or on the performance of the sales team as a whole. They may be offered for selling a particular product or meeting a specific sales target.

Salespeople who participate in spiff incentives typically receive additional compensation in addition to their regular commission or salary. The amount of the spiff and the specific terms of the incentive program will depend on the company offering the incentive and the goals of the program.

Below are some codes that are in the system. Let us know if all have been used and we will replace the below.




Game Features

  • You set the odds with the inventory for each prize level.
  • Optional collection of contact data
  • Fully Branded to your Business
  • All Device Compatibility
  • Anti-Fraud mechanics
  • Primarily Self Managed
  • SSL Secured Data
  • Zapier Automations
  • Developer Phone Support

Game Options

  • Send a branded email to all players
  • Full-Screen Monitor or Tablet Display
  • Zapier Data Integrations
  • Player Restriction Rules
  • Up to Six Prize Levels
  • Redirect by Prize Level
  • Optional Schedule by Day
  • Use Variable Data
  • Limited Offline Usage Available

Game Add-Ons

  • Unique Play Code to Play
  • Display Unique Bar Code or Bar Code Numbers in Email
  • Display Coupon Codes On-Screen
  • SMS to Screen
  • Kiosk with Printing
  • Convert email to SMS*
  • SMS Autoreply to Play
  • Custom Game Development

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Why Brand Gaming? We make this easy to do!

We will work directly with you to execute your promotion or application to be certain you are leveraging the full value of our systems. Secondly, we know that one size does not fit all and you don’t have the time to master every aspect of our technology. Most importantly Brand Gaming will work with you to build out your promotion. The execution does require good communication.

Example of incoming Play Codes

Typically called Play Codes, also Token Code or Promo Code. The Play Code allows a unique code that has been previously uploaded in our system in which you distribute to players and they may enter into a game that will allow a single play. Most often used for Sales Promotions. Do X and receive a Play Code.

Another example could be a player enters a receipt number for an entry to play. We can error check to make sure that receipt number hasn’t been used in the past and will block the play.

NEW: Tango Card Games Integration for Digital Prize Redemption. The appeal of personalized gift cards will drive participation in any promotional event. Recipients choose from hundreds of retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy and all the big retailers, in addition to restaurants, movie theaters, and others. This saves time, resources and of course a lot of money in prize distribution costs.

For more information, visit Tango Cards.

As an example of a Sales Promotion

Being a smaller company or a new vendor in a market that wants to enter or improve in a particular market, you need to find new and smarter ways of successfully promote your product to make it known.

Sales promotion using Play Codes is a technique to attract more sales to purchase your product or services, thereby improving your sales. For example, let’s say you are an insurance company that wants to incentivize agents across the country to sell your policy over a competitor. You would create an incentive whereas, for every policy of yours that they sell, they will receive a Play Code for a chance to win cash or product as an incentive. Guess who’s policy they are more inclined to sell? YOURS!, thereby increasing your sales.

This is just one technique using a Play Code Digital Game and another tool in your toolbox

Examples of Outgoing Codes

We call this the bar code game. Our technology allows us to align up to two specific codes to be outputted in an email or via a variable url based on the prize level that the player has won.

To take it a step further we pull from the same cell of both bar code fields for a fully controlled result of aligning codes. You have a choice of an actual Bar Code image or the use digits in alphanumeric letter-number combination.

These are sophisticated applications that require conversations in order to implement. Call 877-530-4499 to chat with us about your concepts.

Available Branded Game Marketing Instant Win Games
Prize Wheel, Scratch Off, Virtual Golf, Slot Machine, Virtual Plinko, Choose One, Bingo and Custom Instant Win Games.

Sales Promotion Games:

Are you looking for an exciting, efficient, and effective way to generate activity and sales for your business? Integrating sales promotions and games is a great way to do this. From custom digital prize wheels to odds and inventory controlled interactive games for an online website, social media, retail purposes, and more, we have got you covered! It is time for your company to use the power of engagement and games for advertising to increase sales and to get across to potential consumers.

Our company offers various sales promotion games with the use of promo codes, which use a specific type of technology to monitor and control the systems that deal with the incoming and outgoing codes in the direct market. Examples include sweepstakes, scratch cards, prize wheels, and many other games.

Play Demonstration Games

Prize Wheel
Digital Slot Machine
Golf Long Drive Game
Crack the Safe Game
Choose One Game
Bingo Game
Drop Disk a Plinko type of Game
Digital Money Machine
Choose a Box Game
Dice Game
Memory Match Game

The Objectives of Sales Promotions Games

Sales Promotion GamesSales promotions are tactics used by all business owners to add value to their company and organization and draw attention to a particular product. Introducing these marketing strategies in the form of games adds a whole new image or spin (at times literally) to customer experience, interest, and activities. A brand often relies on a sales promotion game to:

  • Introduce their product or service to potential customers by attracting them into their marketing funnel.
  • Persuade such consumers to buy a complimentary item or service.
  • Allow for a burst of sales activity, which increases the company profit.
  • Maintain the attention of their customers.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Maintain their competitiveness.
  • Create an incentive for sales people

What Is an Incoming Play Code?

These codes are also known as Token Codes or Promo Codes. The code is a unique and direct promotional code that has been previously uploaded on our site that you can share with players and they can use to participate in a single game or a related contest. The most common use is for sales promotions. For example, a consumer can collect a free Promo Code by doing X.

Another scenario is when a player enters a receipt number on the website to be entered into a game. We can run an error check to ensure that the receipt number has not been used before, and if it has, we stop the match.

An Example of Sales Promotion

As a smaller business or a new vendor in a market looking to join or expand via advertising and promotions, you must find new and smarter ways to effectively sell your product to a consumer to gain traction.

Using a contest to motivate employees or attract a consumer can be a difficult but successful way to boost company revenue. Prizes in the form of airline miles, cash incentives, or other large-ticket products can be given to businesses with sufficient cash flow or access to benefits. A sales competition, however, should not be ignored even if the business is tiny. It can foster teamwork and encourage competition among employees. It might also be a good way to raise individual sales figures.

What could be better than a sales promotion game or contest and giving potential customers the chance to win a prize.?

Sales Promotion Strategies with Promo Codes

Sales Promotions using Play CodesSales promotion with Promo Codes is a strategy for attracting more customers to buy the goods or services, resulting in increased sales. Let us say you are an insurance firm looking to entice brokers around the country to market your policy instead of one from a rival. You would build an opportunity where they could obtain a Promo Code for contests where they could win money or a product for every policy they sold. They are more likely to sell your service, which results in increased sales for your company.

This is just one way to use a Promo Code Digital Game as a weapon in your arsenal.

An Example of an Outgoing Code

This is known as the bar code game. Based on the reward amount that the consumer has won, our technology enables us to align up to two separate codes to be outputted in an email or via a variable site.

To expand on this strategy, we use the same cell in both bar code fields to coordinate the coupons in a completely regulated manner. You can use digits in an alphanumeric letter-number combination or an actual Bar Code pi

There are advanced applications that necessitate discussions to be implemented. Call us at 877-530-4499 to discuss your ideas so that we can take your social media or website marketing to a different level.

What are the Available Brand Marketing Games that Result in Instant Wins?

Trade Show GamesA few examples of the sales promotion games you can include on your web page to offer value to consumers include:

  • Prize Wheel
  • Slot Machine
  • Memory Match
  • Scratch Off
  • Virtual Golf
  • Virtual Plinko
  • Choose One

A few other popular sales promotion games include:

Tango Card Games

Tango Card Games

One of the recent game developments for automation is that we offer automated redemption using Tango Cards. These make use of and are based on integrations for digital prize redemption. It includes personalized gift cards, which have a certain sense of appeal to consumers that drive participation and engagement in promotional events. This method is an excellent way to save time, resources, and capital regarding prize distribution costs. Contact us for an actual example with winning real money.


Sweepstakes are another example of a great sales promotion game that can be used to get consumers to visit or search your online site or store for a specific product. Sweepstakes can be interactive campaigns or competitions to promote your products. These contests or games may include a variety of events to help customers learn about the products.

Game Promotions

Our fun sales promotion games allow consumers to receive bonuses of the prize at all times during the sales promotiont. Customers or employees who participate in these activities find it extremely motivating and exciting and helps promote the product during the process. It is ideal for promoting big-ticket items and driving traffic to your shop.

If your company is looking for something slightly different, contact the developer to assist you in designing other custom instant win games for your consumers to enjoy.

What Are the Benefits of Sales Promotions Games?

Chamber of Commerce gameThe majority of consumers enjoy a good promotional bargain or various fun activities. As a business owner, you should use one of the many available sales marketing strategies and promotions to ensure your customers receive one. Even the most basic promotional promotions cost money and take a deft touch, despite the fact that they are surefire ways to draw publicity and boost sales. Apart from the excitement that these games attract, they also add value to customers and showcase the positive aspects of the product, service, or event in the best possible way.

Sales promotions conducted through games and activities create a sense of excitement and urgency that is challenging to match. Many promotional promotions have an end date, which is why they often generate a burst of activity. A card, code, or coupon often also has an expiration date which encourages a consumer to act quickly and purchase the product they have been thinking about.

The following are some of the advantages of sales promotions in general:

  • In a short period, a sales promotion may offer a product or service in front of consumers – the procedure is quick.
  • They are usually less costly than conventional television and print ads.
  • Sales promotions are relatively easy to execute if they are prepared ahead of time, based on the game you decide to go with.
  • They make it simple to monitor the progress of a promotional campaign from the start.
  • Other marketing messages, such as those on the business website or social media, in other marketing items, and in the terms used by direct brand representatives to describe a product or service, could be reinforced by the sales promotion game.
  • Coupons, contests, games, cards, or activities make the consumer feel like you are adding value to them instead of simply trying to push them to purchase a product.

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You are not limited when choosing the ideal option for your business regarding creating unique promotions. Our team works with you to bring your vision to life in terms of detailing and design aspects irrespective of what line of work or trade you are in. It is time to create the perfect sales promotion games for your consumers.

From Scratch-off cards to sweepstakes, and other contests or activities, a fun, and creative marketing promotion could be just what your business needs. Contact our group of experts so that you do not miss out on the opportunity to increase consumer activity and build your brand or store. Are you ready to take your advertising and promotional services to the next level?