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Offer our application to new or current clients. Our technology marketing solutions extend your services without building or maintaining a sophisticated software application of your own. Gain credibility and open doors as a technology solution provider.

Brand Gaming has been steadily developing our technology for the last 14 years. We can tell you it hasn’t been an easy or an inexpensive journey venturing where no one before us has gone. The technology, algorithms, complex coding and user friendliness, continues us on our journey.

Partnering without resources isn’t easy. We have entertained Preferred Partners in the past but the complexity has always surpassed their capabilities. We believe years of experience and changes makes this possible today. However, your company will need resources, investment, coding and design capabilities to be considered.

Franchises, Distributors and Direct Sales Groups
We offer fixed pricing at a reduced rate for same branded games. Contact us to build a system that will work for your downline partners.

Preferred Partner, for those that have development capability and the resources to generate major sales. We will work closely with you to to create a highly successful relationship. Partners will operate from a non-branded control panel. Partners must be capable of providing all web development, coding services for full design and implementation.

Agency Representative, Agency Representatives operate from a non-branded reseller control panel. We work with you closely to deliver great designs and valuable promotions. Add-on services such as concept, design, game setup and implementation.

Sales Agent, As an independent sales agent of Brand Gaming you will have the opportunity to broaden the services you may currently provide, or offer, to an existing or potential customer. We work directly with you or your client to detail their promotions.

Leverage your existing business relationships by becoming a member of our domestic or international network of business partners.
Your independent sales agent business model will allow you to expand your existing business and earn more while maintaining your existing relationships.

We have created exciting software for instant win opportunities for you to work with us. Please call the Developer, David Harkins personally at 1-877-530-4499

Developers API

Game Designers wanted to learn our API and get access to working example code to build custom games for yourself, your clients or for our Partners. Game design work is currently available.

Our gaming engine will allow game designers to create unique games, tie them into our odds and inventory based gaming engine.

Skills: Game Design, Javascript, JSON, jQuery, Photoshop, Sound Editing and Passion!

Monetize our games into your Apps and concepts and create new exciting instant win opportunities. Please call David Harkins at 1-877-530-4499

The Technology

The Brand Gaming development technology includes sophisticated industry standards and our own state-of-the-art in-house tools and coding technologies.

We implement our own cutting-edge techniques and supplement this with licensed middleware when needed.

This offers a vibrant development environment that allows us to maximize the performance of our marketing games. We use state of the art hardware platforms and fully leverage the resources efforts and talents of both our front-end and back-end development team.

Brand Gaming allows for the delivery of industry-leading marketing innovations and development services.

The current engine is the third generation of our cross-platform technology. The gaming engine provides an open framework to which will allow future applications to integrate seamlessly.

No one ordinarily reads this tab so thanks for popping in!

Brand Gaming is the web site and Mystic Net Marketing is the company. We’re located in the Connecticut seaport town of Mystic CT. MNM began as web designers in 1995 at a time it was hard to convince companies the Internet was a valuable tool.

Here we are 20 something years later in a changing world of commerce. Commerce was why we developed and were the original creators of the internet’s first virtual Prize Wheel.

The initial concept was simple. The two questions we had were; who is on my web site and how can they be moved into a brick and mortar? The solution…. Give them a chance to win something of value and they will visit your store. If by chance the initially don’t you will have their contact data to continue to remarket to them.

From that time with our customer’s ideas, we have created new and more valuable systems with our technology to provide exceptional engagement game for large and small businesses worldwide.

Why Brand Gaming? Brand Gaming is about creating an irresistible attraction for your customer engagement channels using simple and inexpensive online games! A Game is a powerful engagement tool and its attractive force has over the years been applied to deliver immense marketing, promotion, sales, and customer-engagement success.

For over 14 years, we have been in the business of deploying games to help businesses attract and retain customers effortlessly. Working closely with business owners to create customized games that are best fit for their objectives, their invaluable suggestions have over the years shaped our gaming applications to include great features and match several business types and objectives.

Browse the website, play the demonstration games, see our game options and features, then contact our developer, David Harkins on 1-877-530-4499 to discuss your specific needs.

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