Build your bottom line with Brand Gaming

Offer your clients our technology marketing solutions and extend your services without building or maintaining a sophisticated software application of your own. Gain credibility and open doors as a technology solution provider.

Brand Gaming has been steadily developing our technology for the last 9 years. We can tell you it hasn’t been an easy journey venturing where no one has gone before us.  The technology, algorithms, complex coding and user friendliness, continues us on our journey.

Partnering isn’t easy.   We have entertained Preferred Partners in the past but the complexity has always surpassed their capabilities.  We believe years of experience and changes makes this more possible today.  However your company will need investment, coding and design capabilities to be considered.

Preferred Partner, for those that have development capability and the resources to generate major sales. We will work closely with you to to create a highly successful relationship. Partners will operate from a non-branded control panel. Partners must be capable of providing all web development, coding services for full design and implementation. Minimum to qualify is twenty licenses annual licenses.

Agency Representative, Agency Representatives operate from a non-branded re seller control panel. We work with you closely to deliver great designs and valuable promotions. Add on services such as concept, design, game setup and implementation. Minimum to qualify is twelve annual licences. 

Sales Agent, As an independent sales agent of Brand Gaming you will have the opportunity to broaden the services you may currently provide, or offer, to an existing or potential customer. We work directly with you or your client to detail their promotion. Minimum to qualify is six annual licenses. 

Leverage your existing business relationships by becoming a member of our domestic or international network of business partners. Your independent sales agent business model will allow you to expand your existing business and earn more, while maintaining your existing relationships.

We have created exciting instant win business opportunities for you to work with us. Please call 1-877-530-4499

Developers API

Game Designers wanted to learn our API and get access to working example code to build custom games for yourself, your clients or for our Partners.  Game design work is currently available.

Our gaming engine will allow game designers to create unique games, tie them into our odds and inventory based gaming engine.

Skills: Game Design, Javascript, JSON, jQuery, Photoshop, Sound Editing and Passion!

Monetize our games into your Apps and concepts and create new exciting instant win opportunities. Please call David Harkins at 1-877-530-4499

The Technology

The Brand Gaming development  technology  includes sophisticated industry standards and our own state-of-the-art in-house tools and coding technologies.

We implement our own cutting-edge techniques and supplement this with licensed middleware when needed.

This offers a vibrant development environment that allows us to maximize the performance of our marketing games.   We use state of the art hardware platforms and fully leverage the resources efforts and talents of both our front-end and back-end development team.

Brand Gaming allow for the  delivery of industry-leading marketing innovations and development services.

The current engine is a third generation of our cross-platform technology. The gaming engine provides an open framework to which will allow future applications to integrate seemlessy.

Join Us

Brand Gaming Software views a strong partner channel as an incredible asset to our company your customers.  We are always willing to explore new partnerships with those who possess the necessary resources and skills to serve customers in their local or vertical markets. Brand Gaming’s worldwide partner network receives our utmost commitment which in-turn provides our partners with the tools they need to be successful. We recognize and respect our partners’ individual business models and will work to create a mutually beneficial future.

About Us

Brand Gaming is one of the leading digital marketing specialists, delivering creative interactive solutions at the intersection of marketing and new technology. We work with corporate clients as well as their advertising agencies to produce sophisticated promotions, and offer instant win promotions. Our work off-line is sometimes more interesting, delivering higher advertising response rates with engaging and motivating programs to engage the customers online.

In business since the beginning of the modern internet in 1995. We have been delivering internet marketing, design, infrastructure and success.

Our interests in the near future is to continue engaging, motivating and bringing value to both our customers and theirs.