Branded Hologram Games – Slot Machine & Prize Wheel

Hologram Prize WheelHologram Prize WheelHologram Games are the most exciting interactive experience companies can bring to the trade show floor in years. Bright animated games set in a media that few people have ever seen.

Brand Gaming, a leader in trade show games brings you this option with fully controlled prize outcomes. You set the prizes and you set the inventory!

Hologram Games on fans are exciting at trade shows or exhibitions because they offer a unique and eye-catching way to display products or information. Hologram fans use a spinning LED fan to create a 3D holographic image that appears to float in mid-air. This technology can be used to showcase products or services in a way that is visually stunning and can capture the attention of potential customers or visitors.

Games on Hologram fans are also interactive and can be used to create engaging and immersive experiences for attendees. For example, our hologram game are used to create a positive brand experience for business allowing visitors to interact with the holographic game while learning more about the company offering.

Overall, games on hologram fans are exciting at trade shows and exhibitions because they offer a unique and innovative way to showcase products and services, capture the attention of attendees, and create an immersive and memorable experience for visitors.

How your game comes together:

We work with you to build out the systems required to pull this together. The backend inventory control CRM application is very straightforward and can be setup in 10 minutes. The design work to do the graphics, video development, rendering and testing that is more time intensive.

As of this date: May 25th 2023 we have completed the software and are now improving on design systems, graphics, templates, and options.

To do this, you will need to have and be knowledgeable about Hologram Fans and operating the manufacturer’s Hologram software. It is not difficult but it is important to understand all aspects of this new technology. We will start with setting up a testing system for you to run on your fans to be certain this is a great game for your exhibition.

Visual game development does require that you can bring your own graphics person to prepare what will be needed for video development.

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Why Brand Gaming? We make this easy to do!

We will work directly with you to execute your promotion or application to be certain you are leveraging the full value of our systems. Secondly, we know that one size does not fit all and you don’t have the time to master every aspect of our technology. Most importantly Brand Gaming will work with you to build out your promotion. The execution does require good communication.

Note: Below you can see early development videos of both the Hologram Slot Machine and the Hologram Prize Wheel Games. We will update very soon but you can get some idea of what they are. The Hologram Slot Machine will utilize Three Hologram Fans, one for each reel. The Hologram Prize Wheel operates on a single Hologram Fan. Recording hologram fans is somewhat difficult to do. The games are much better in person!

What are the benefits of using hologram fans at exhibitions?

Using hologram fan games at exhibitions provides numerous benefits that can enhance your brand’s presence and engage with attendees. Here are some key advantages of incorporating hologram fans into your exhibition strategy:

  1. Attention-Grabbing Displays: Hologram fan games create visually captivating three-dimensional holographic displays that instantly attract attention amidst the crowded exhibition hall. By standing out from the competition, your booth becomes more noticeable, driving more visitors to your display.

  2. A Hologram Prize Wheel game for Trade Shows and ExhibitionsInteractive Experience: Hologram fan games offer an interactive and immersive experience for exhibition attendees. You can showcase dynamic content, such as product demonstrations, virtual tours, or compelling storytelling. This interactivity encourages visitors to spend more time at your booth and increases engagement.

  3. Memorable and Unique Branding: Hologram fans leave a lasting impression on visitors due to their unique and memorable nature. In a sea of traditional displays, holograms differentiate your brand, increasing brand recall and recognition long after the exhibition ends.

  4. Versatile Content Display: Hologram fans provide versatility in content display. You can use them to showcase product features, present data and statistics, or explain complex concepts effectively. This flexibility allows you to tailor your holographic content to achieve specific marketing goals and effectively communicate your message.

  5. Space-Saving Solution: Hologram fans take up minimal physical space compared to traditional displays. They can be mounted on walls or placed on stands without occupying valuable floor area. This space-saving feature is particularly advantageous when booth space is limited, enabling you to optimize your display options.

  6. Tech-Savvy Appeal: Leveraging advanced technology, hologram fans appeal to tech-savvy attendees and those interested in innovative solutions. By incorporating holograms into your exhibition display, you demonstrate your brand’s forward-thinking approach and ability to embrace cutting-edge technologies.

  7. Shareable Experience: For instance a Holographic Slot Machine games generate intrigue and interest among visitors, leading to higher chances of capturing and sharing the experience on social media. The shareability factor extends your exhibition’s reach beyond physical attendees, potentially attracting a larger online audience and generating additional brand exposure.

  8. Cost-Effective Solution: Hologram fans offer a cost-effective alternative to large-scale holographic installations. They provide an affordable way to incorporate innovation and create a memorable experience for exhibition attendees, without straining your budget.

By utilizing hologram fan games at exhibitions, you can leverage their attention-grabbing displays, interactivity, uniqueness, versatility, and cost-effectiveness to enhance your brand presence, engage with attendees, and achieve your game marketing objectives.