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Are you ready to make 2020 the year you conquer the trade show scene? Whether you’re already a seasoned expert or just starting out we have new and exciting games to engage, motivate, acquire leads, increase sales, awareness and much more. Create a touchpoint experience they will remember. Trade Show Games at your booth are the answer.

People love the thrill of a game and it is fun to do! …it’s a psychological fact.  Fully Controlled Online Prize Pool or Optional Offline options. Call for details 877-530-4499

Call now! 1-877-530-4499 for a fast quote and more detailed information.

There are lots of options and innovative strategies to do effective digital Trade Show Booth games at shows for lead generation or pure engagement. It is best to call and chat about it.

New: Large Push Button activation games. A mix of physical and digital make the games more exciting!

New: Memory Match Games.  They are quite addictive and fun to play. One version even has a Leader Board Play with it here

New: SMS to Screen!  Players send a text message to the game on a monitor. Their name will appear and activate the game.

New Pre-game Survey’s with scoring for “Predictive Prizing.” The quality of the lead ensures the outcome of the game. Call the Developer, David Harkins toll-free at 877-530-4499.

We recommend that you have a large screen monitor above head level. We also suggest you have multiple computers should your line get too long.  

Playing games at trade show
Interactive digital trade show games.
People playing marketing trade show game.

A few recent unedited, unsolicited emails to us about our Trade Show Booth Marketing Games: 

I just wanted to let you know that the game was a big hit at our conference this weekend! It worked seamlessly and my team (and the game players!) were very impressed.

Thank you so much! The games turned out great, and we really appreciate how responsive and helpful you’ve been throughout this process.

Everyone loved the game! It was the highlight of the Trade Show booth. We had a line of people waiting to play the game. Thanks so much for all of your help!!

It was so great! Everyone loved it 🙂 Having it on a touch-screen was also AMAZING!

Digital Trade Show Games for Marketing



Try the below Demos! How they work. They are compatible with any device and any screen resolution. We can also custom modify them for various situations or layouts.

When using a computer use the f11 key to remove the web browser.

When using a tablet, send the link to the tablet and Add to Home Screen. This will place an icon the tablet. When you open the tablet it will be full screen.

Instant Win Trade Show Game Demos

Game Features

  • You set the odds with the inventory amounts for each prize level.
  • Optional collection of contact data
  • Fully Branded to your Business
  • All Device Compatibility
  • Anti-Fraud mechanics
  • Primarily Self Managed
  • SSL Secured Data
  • Zapier Automations
  • Developer Phone Support

Game Options

  • Send a branded email to all players
  • Full-Screen Monitor or Tablet Display
  • Zapier Data Integrations
  • Player Restriction Rules
  • Up to Six Prize Levels
  • Redirect by Prize Level
  • Optional Schedule by Day
  • Use Variable Data
  • Limited Offline Usage Available

Game Add-Ons

  • Unique Play Code to Play
  • Display Unique Bar Code or Bar Code Numbers in Email
  • Display Coupon Codes On-Screen
  • SMS to Screen
  • Kiosk with Printing
  • Convert email to SMS*
  • SMS Autoreply to Play
  • Custom Game Development

Check out the latest greatest tool for event marketing. SMS To Screen Games

New Match Games - Timers, Leaderboards or clicks to win.

More examples! Every Game is Custom Branded!

Available Games: Prize Wheel, Scratch Off, Virtual Golf, Slot Machine, Memory Match, Plinko, Choose One, Bingo, Dice and the new Money Machine!

Lead Generation Event Game
ipad Trade Show Game
Trade Show Engagement Game
Trade Show Games

Trade Show Engagement Marketing Games

Since people love Trade Show giveaways and other freebies, trade show marketing games software is indeed the best solution. Many businesses offer fun branded games in order to attract more customers to visit their event. With the help of games that offer instant wins, more and more customers are enjoying interactive games.

Trade Show MarketingUsing Trade Show Games you can even collect names, email addresses and other personal details from your prospects so that you can efficiently increase your sales and achieve your business goals in a more efficient and convenient manner. Truth is, lead generation needs capturing personal information of your potential clients especially the email address in order to update your contact list and send emails conveniently.

With creative and fun event games. Through Trade Show brand engagement as well as awareness experiences, customers have a personal connection to your brand.

Interactive Trade Show game programs can be used by all e-commerce stores on the web through coupon codes. Help your brand get an upbeat customer experience and let people notice your promotional products and services. In fact, there is no better way to promote your brand right now but to offer these brand gaming platforms online to increase your customer base and sales marketing efforts.

When it comes to Trade Show Games client surveys, you can add incentive elements to quickly entice the attention of your visitors. Whether your business is direct mailing, financial company, hair and beauty salon, travel agency, retail, or any type and size of business, interactive gaming is the way to go. No matter what your corporate goals are, this is the ultimate way to improve your sales and increase your customers online.

Take a couple of minutes and view this Portfolio Slideshow of some of our work or go directly to the gallery of past games.

In order for us to help you better understand Trade Show Games as a digital marketing solution call us any time at 877-530-4499

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