Are digital interactive trade show booth games worth it?

trade show gamesYes, digital interactive trade show booth games can be worth it for companies looking to engage visitors and stand out at trade shows and events. Benefits of digital interactive games include:

  1. Increased engagement: Interactive games are designed to capture visitors’ attention and keep them engaged with a brand.
  2. Increased brand awareness: Interactive games provide an opportunity for companies to showcase their products or services in a fun and memorable way.
  3. Lead generation: Interactive games often require visitors to provide contact information in order to participate, making it an effective way to generate leads.
  4. Data collection: Digital games can provide companies with valuable data, such as participant demographics and interests, to inform future marketing strategies.

However, it is important to choose the right type of game and ensure it is aligned with a company’s marketing goals. Additionally, it is essential to have a well-designed and user-friendly game to ensure a positive experience for visitors.

Interactive trade show booth gameInteractive trade show booth games are a popular way for companies to engage visitors at trade shows and events. Some common types of games include:

  1. Virtual Memory Match Game with a Leaderboard
  2. Golf Long Drive for lead generation and instant win prizes.
  3. Virtual Prize Wheel: Offer visitors a chance to win prizes by spinning a digital prize wheel.
  4. Digital Raffle
  5. Branded Digital Slot Machine
  6. Bring the fun of a Game Show with a Plinko style game

The goal of these games is to create a memorable experience for visitors, increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Trade Show GameBrand Gaming is a term used to describe the practice of using  games as a marketing tool for promoting a brand, product, or service. This can involve creating custom games or integrating brand elements into existing games to engage and interact with customers in new and innovative ways. The goal of brand gaming is to create a memorable and positive experience for consumers that will increase brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty.

What games does Brand Gaming offer?

Brand Gaming can offer a variety of games, including custom-made games and games that feature branded elements. Some examples include:
  1. Branded Mobile Instant Win Games: Mobile games that feature a brand’s logo, products, or themes.
  2. Branded Arcade Style Games: Arcade games that promote a brand and can be placed in public spaces such as shopping malls and theaters.
  3. Branded Games:  That feature a brand’s products, logos, or themes.
  4. Branded Sports Games: Sports games like Digital Golf feature a brand’s products or logos.
  5. Branded Adventure Games: Adventure games that incorporate a brand’s products, logos, or themes.

The exact games offered on our website and target audience.

How to collect leads at a trade show?

people at a trade show gameCollecting leads at a trade show can be done using a variety of methods. Some common ways include:
  1. Lead Capture Forms: Have attendees fill out a form with their contact information to add them to your lead database.
  2. Scanning Badges: Use a badge scanner to collect attendees’ contact information from their badges.
  3. Interactive Kiosks: Offer interactive kiosks with games or quizzes that collect attendees’ contact information when they sign up.
  4. Giveaways: Offer free samples, merchandise, or other prizes in exchange for attendees’ contact information.
  5. Surveys: Administer surveys to gather attendees’ opinions and contact information.
  6. Social Media: Encourage attendees to follow your company on social media and sign up for your mailing list through a social media platform.
  7. Lead Magnets: Offer a valuable resource such as an e-book, whitepaper, or webinar in exchange for attendees’ contact information.

It’s important to obtain consent from attendees before collecting their personal information and to be transparent about how it will be used.