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Pricing is based on factors like game type, anticipated play-volumes, duration of the promotion, consumer reach-out options, design modifications, data collection type and other features.

Every promotion is unique and demands its own possibilities and deliverables. A deep understanding of your needs and objectives help to define a specific quote for the game product you choose.


We will work closely with you through phone conversations and possible physical contact to develop deploy the best-branded game design possible for your specific marketing, promotions and lead generation objectives. We will also provide immense support to you in launching your promotion and ensuring you have the most success with it.

We understand that no game comes in a box and that every client has special marketing and gaming requirements. Hence we are open to, and love hearing about new concepts and needs.

The reason we have so many options and variations today is because clients like you have made requests over the years that have been incorporated to help everyone access better promotions.


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Optionally we offer advanced “Code” Games where we can require a unique Play Code for a player access a play. We also have the ability to generate unique codes in the email based on prize level within the email that the player will receive.

There are many ways to design games and options to redirect phone players so everyone will have a great experience with your brand. We work closely with you to launch the promotion you will have the most success with.

Brand Gaming has been moving our technology forward thoughtfully over the last 10 years. There are many variations and concepts in development at all times to bring this marketing our automation technology to the next level.

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