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Virtual Bingo – Branded Marketing Games

Online Bingo Cards

Free Virtual Bingo Game

Bingo Version 1.5 Beta is discontinued.

Play our free virtual bingo game now! The game is free to play daily from 9AM EST to 11PM EST. Help us test our Online Bingo Game by inviting your friends, community, students and co-workers. Each round plays one after the other and each round lasts around 5 minutes. After you sign in, please wait for the next round to begin.

LIVE BINGO update for Screen Share, Conference Call or Live Stream

Bingo Version 1.5 Beta is discontinued.  There are a few issues and we may pick it up again in the future.

It is a self-validating, fully brandable Virtual Bingo system for companies, schools, and community organizations to either live stream, screen-share, conference call, or a completely virtual live Bingo game to participants. Engage employees, students, and customers in a new exciting way.  

Call 1-877-530-4499 for details and to chat bout what your ideal game would be or have an interest in this engagement tool.  You may also make suggestions.  We are also offering games at no cost to qualifying groups. Call for details. This requires detailed conversations.

Do you love playing Virtual Bingo? Play our free demo game and see our next game times at our Virtual Bingo Demo Game or Join our Facebook Group to keep updated on game times.

Virtual Bingo


  • Easy to Administrate
  • Up to 10 Rounds
  • Scheduled Game Time
  • All players receive random bingo cards
  • Self Validation of Bingo Card
  • Fastest winners names are posted upon successful Bingo
  • Custom Branding
  • Easily to invite players to join
  • Multiple players with easy sign-in
  • Chat Room

Development Status – 11/24/2020

Virtual Bingo Version 1.5 Beta is discontinued.  There are a few issues and we will pick it up again in the future.

Testing has been limited to friends and family groups.

Player data is not exportable as of yet.

The most recent version is at 


Odds & Inventory Controlled Marketing Games for Events, Websites, Mobile, Retail, Social & More!

This Virtual Bingo Game works all day long acquiring names and email addresses of consumers that are new or familiar with your business. Use this tool to drive people to your business with either prizes and coupons.  Either way they will have a positive brand experience.

There are many versions and options of creative unique promotions that we work with you to design.  Visit our Gallery to see what others have done.

People love games. It’s a fact!

Uses include Event marketing, Websites, Mobile, Social, Retail Kiosks, Digital Signs and more.

TLive and Real-time Virtual Bingohere are many versions and options for creating unique promotions.  We work with you to support your design and details.  Visit our Gallery to see what others have done.

 Call now! 1-877-530-4499 for a fast quote and more detailed information on Virtual Bingo.

Thank you so much! The games turned out great, and we really appreciate how responsive and helpful you’ve been throughout this process.
AshleyMarketing Coordinator
Everyone loved the game! It was the highlight of the Trade Show booth. We had a line of people waiting to play the game. Thanks so much for all of your help!!
Event Manager
Thanks again David! I’ve shared your website with SO many people already.
PattiExhibits Supervisor

We can brand the Virtual Bingo Game with your logo and themed background image or you may choose a standard design.

How businesses can use an Virtual Bingo Game on their website

An Online Interactive Virtual Bingo Game is a form of incentive promotion marketing that can be a very powerful tool for businesses. The Interactive Bingo Game works to drive potential customers to your website, Facebook or Mobile device or retail store by giving them the opportunity to win prizes and coupons. It runs from your website, point of purchase counter, trade show, retail kiosk or website. With the Interactive Bingo Game, you set the odds, the quantity and prizes or coupon types. The wheel works around the clock acquiring names and email addresses of consumers that are familiar with your brand to build your business a large database.

 Benefits of the Virtual Bingo Game

  • The Virtual Bingo Game will help both small and big businesses to build a large email database by capturing names and email addresses of  players. This will in turn lead to new customers being acquired and thus generate new sales.
  • The incentive of winning a prize will generate traffic to the website and increase brand awareness.
  • The instant win marketing that comes with the use of the Interactive Bingo Game creates instant gratification for website visitors.
  • The interaction and sense of fun creates positive Public Relations and brand awareness.
  • To boost foot traffic, businesses with physical locations can direct winners to collect the prizes from their physical location.
  • It is an affordable marketing tool that businesses can use.
  • The interactive Bingo Game can also be used to fill in slow days by making the slow days, such as Monday to Thursday the only days when prizes can be redeemed.
  • It is a unique and creative form of branding which small businesses can enjoy.
  • It is a great way to promote new products and services because of its great potential to drive traffic to your website.
  • The Interactive Virtual Bingo Game may also be used for an eCommerce store using coupon codes.
  • It is also a great way to improve marketing initiatives.
  • The interactive Virtual Bingo Game also creates a fun element to any business and promotion.
  • It is an amazing website lead generator.
  • Because it is working 24/ to generate leads and massive traffic, the Interactive Virtual Bingo Game creates constant marketing opportunities.
  • It is easy to install and features a secure administrative set up of prizes, quantities and the outgoing emails.

Current Marketing Games are the Virtual Prize Wheel, Scratch Off, Slot Machine, Golf and The Vault. All play on every device.

Call or email us today, and get in the game!