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Are you looking for a good way to create success at your next big event or trade show? You are one booth among many that wish to connect with people walking by. How will you stand above your competition? Offer an Interactive Trade Show Booth game!

Interactive Trade Show Booth

New ways to create success

Looking for an interactive expo booth idea? Many articles have been written on making a successful trade show booth games. Some of these articles concentrate on tips to captivate trade show attendees. These articles are filled with lists of trade show ideas about drawing a passerby to your booth and engaging with them. These lists mention giving out snacks and branded swag, bottles of water and free product samples. Trade show ideas to attract attention also include adding motion, lighting and sound to a booth to create a sensory experience for the attendees. All of these ideas and tips are meant to increase the vendor’s success in creating foot traffic to their booth display. Success is shown by having a welcoming Tradeshow Booth that promotes interaction.

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Another style of Tradeshow Booth article shows success as the ability to show excellent lead generation and to show a Return of Investment (ROI) on the time and money spent on the event. These articles assume that you have already attracted an audience to the exp booth. The list of tips and ideas include investing in lead generation tools to scan badges or collecting business cards to be scanned later. Suggestions for the ROI include Trade show ideas for product displays and ways to prominently display company branding. Success is shown as brand recognition.

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Prize Wheel
Digital Slot Machine
Golf Long Drive Game
Crack the Safe Game
Choose One Game
Bingo Game
Drop Disk a Plinko type of Game
Digital Money Machine
Choose a Box Game
Dice Game
Memory Match Game

Event Games Stand Out

One of the best ways for event success is using interactive branded games. These games cover many of the trade show ideas and tips listed in many of the Trade Show articles. Brand Gaming’s Instant Win Trade Show Games are made for attracting attention, creating excitement and promoting interaction. With optional data collection systems, lead generation is built-in and easy to retrieve. All games can be fully branded to ensure brand awareness.

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The interactive trade show booth game is your secret weapon.

Many of the lists of interactive expo booth ideas shown in the articles are covered in the games’ list of features. The motion, light and sound of the game combined with the chance of instantly winning a prize or product sample are guaranteed to invite attendees to your booth. Free swag and product sample giveaways are always more exciting with a game. The giveaways are only limited by your imagination. With easy to manage controls, you can change prize inventories and prize levels for multiple-day events.

Digital Trade Show Push Button idea

Lead generation can be guaranteed by having players fill out an optional data form before playing the game. It only takes a minute and if you already have badge scanning hardware, it lets your audience play the games even faster by skipping the form. Things move even faster with our optional push button. All attendee data that is collected can be conveniently and efficiently saved and exported for later promotions, follow-ups and events.

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These interactive trade show booths games are an excellent way to give your branding and logo the undivided attention it deserves. Everyone that plays the game is being given a positive experience with that branding. When they do walk away from your trade show booth, they will remember that experience and that will create the ROI that can not be obtained any other way.

Trade Show Booth Plinko DropdiskThere are a lot of excellent Trade Show planning lists out there. The ideas are all great ways to create success. By using one of Brand Gaming’s trade show games you’ll be using a trade show idea that covers a lot of ground in an easy to manage system. The many features of the interactive games are built to create success in any event. To learn more about the games and why this is Trade Show Idea that you’ve been looking for Click Here.

Available Branded Game Marketing Instant Win Games
Prize Wheel, Scratch Off, Virtual Golf, Slot Machine, Plinko, Dice, Choose One, Bingo, Memory Match and Custom Instant Win Games. View our Trade Show Idea video .

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