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Tango Card Game

Tango Card rewards can be integrated with Brand Gaming’s promotional games to create a modern, unique way to connect with individuals and increase excellent marketing engagement. Optional seamless integration with Tango Cards via Zapier and our promotional games drives employee and customer engagement with customized gift cards. By offering real rewards with Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy and dozens of other retailers and restaurants, allows the recipient the freedom to customize how they use their winnings while reducing redemption distribution costs. This motivates customers to create their own goals for playing the game or filling out a survey or quiz. The appeal of the personalized gift cards will drive participation in any promotional event.   Tango Card is great but we make it more fun and increases motivation.

Tango Card Fun Game

Plinko Marketing Game

Tango Cards work easily with our quiz and survey marketing games. As a great enticement for taking the quiz or survey, you have the option of offering a flexible digital reward system. This seamless combination of Tango Card and our interactive marketing games and surveys will definitely boost engagement and participation.

tango card prize wheel game

Use Tango Card to encourage and honor customer loyalty, entice new prospects and improve employee performance with customizable rewards. There is no greater incentive than giving the players the flexibility of choosing their own custom reward through Tango Card. This allows you to conveniently create an inventory of digital prizes that are ready to be offered to your clients and are easily delivered.

  • Create an instant inventory of real rewards
  • Instant access to the world’s most popular gift cards
  • Tango Card is a simple and secure gift card platform
  • Tango Card saves you time and money in prize acquisition and delivery
  • Excite your customers by encouraging them to create their own reward with Tango Card. 

Branded Digital Scratchoff Game

What is a great promotional game without a great prize? Tango Card allows real rewards that create a lasting impression. Players that receive rewards through Tango Card will tell people about it and remember it long after the game is played. New customer acquisition and rewarding customer loyalty have never been easier.

Available Games that connect to Tango Card for Controlled Marketing Instant Win Games
Virtual Prize WheelVirtual Scratch Off, Virtual Golf, Slot MachinePlinko, Dice, Choose One, Virtual Bingo, Memory Match and Custom Instant Win Games.

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