Gamification Survey with Games / Quiz


Gamification of Survey’s or Quizzes creates new and engaging ways for a business to promote their products or services. Drive your customer’s participation by capturing statistical data as well as rewarding participants.

Surveys or Quiz Incentive GamesFor use on a Survey, Quiz, Poll, Trivia or Form


  • Instant Win Games
  • Survey Scoring
  • Prize Value to Score Quality is Controlled

Because our modern approach creates a fresh way to connect with individuals and increase better marketing experiences.  Our gamified quiz and survey platform makes it easy to qualify new leads by matching them to a score that results in a prize equal to the value of the lead.

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Below are two Survey examples using a game. One will score your answers and match you with a prize equal to your score. The other offers a random prize.

Survey Games

Games Survey

Upon completion, we have a Prize Wheel with incentives. The higher the quality of the lead, the better the Prize they will receive.

Upon completion, we have a Prize Wheel with incentives. This survey offers random prizes basic on the prize levels set. Your set the prizes, you set the inventory.

Through our Survey Game innovations, we significantly help in engaging, attracting, interacting with, increasing lead generation. There are many other benefits that companies can benefit from. Gamification refers to the game marketing designing strategies that support user and audience engagement. Games provide high value and are everywhere due to the fact that they simply work for most businesses no matter the size. Check out the Gallery of Games our clients have done.

Games that are available for the Survey Game system are: Virtual Prize Wheel, Scratch Off, Plinko, Slot Machine and Golf