Would you like to create an instant win incentive promotion that rewards employees or customers with Play Codes? Would you like to encourage your employees or customers to reach new and higher levels? Brand Gaming offers exactly that and is being leveraged by lots of smart companies worldwide.

We’ve been doing lots of Play Code Promotions with a Prize Wheel and they just work!  We’ve also developed secondary systems to administer Play Code games with ease.

Customer or Employee Play Code Incentives

Employees: Sell X number of Products or Services and they get a Play Code for a play of a game!
Customers: Buy X and they get a play token for a play of the game for a chance to save or instantly win something

Gamification with Play Codes and Why it Works

We all know how modern marketing provides great potential and possibilities when it comes to marketing and advertising. It offers great marketing campaigns and strategies that are more than advantageous in more ways than one, especially when compared to traditional marketing. It offers great creativity, interactivity, and innovation through advanced technology and internet. More than that, it continuously search and provides new, modern trends on marketing and one of which is the gamification.

What is Gamification?

Gamification stems from the concept of having game mechanics and design techniques to be applied in various applications in order to engage and motivate people. The idea is to tap into the basic desires, needs and impulses of people in order to attract them into an idea or concept.

Before, gamification was primarily applied in education in order to engage students into learning. This is in line with the fact that students are much engaged with video games and so experts incorporated the concept into learning materials in the form of educational games. But gamification is no longer just used in line to education.

This time, marketers have found the possibility of gamification in solving marketing problems and in marketing itself. With gamification incorporated to marketing, it can be an effective leverage when it comes to motivating engagement, adoption, sharing, loyalty, and sales from customers.

Why Play Code Gamification Works in Marketing?

Since games are highly immersive, gamification as part of marketing campaigns help in establishing an emotional connection from the customer to the brand which ultimately leads to enhanced brand loyalty. According to experts, the real value off gamification in marketing is the fact that return of investments usually lie on certain user behaviors and activities.

In the question as to how gamification can help in marketing, it is all in the fact that it is effective in incentivizing and motivating behaviors that are beneficial to the business brand. With it, user experience is significantly accentuated with the brand’s content and so brand loyalty is built essentially.

More so, with gamification marketers can easily figure out if it works for their company, simple statistics and analytics can determine whether gamification is success or failure to them. It has more in-depth engagement and the rewards for users’ include an elevation to their status which makes them feel more important and accomplished.

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