BTL (below the line) marketing strategies and branded interactive games go hand in hand.  You may have witnessed, or considered using, an interactive game that promotes brand awareness, offers point of sale deals and coupons, or gives away product samples at an exhibition. This is BTL marketing at it’s best. BTL marketing differs from traditional advertising in that it focuses on distinct groups of customers in a more personal way. This method allows for a direct one-on-one presentation between the brand and the consumer. BTL marketing showcases product visibility and sales promotions in a more individualized and interactive way that creates a maximum return of investment (ROI).  All of the interactive marketing games offered at Brand Gaming can be customized to work with any style of BTL marketing promotion.

Business games

Use in any promotion

  • Traditional or Virtual Trade Show
  • Point of Sale Displays and Kiosks
  • Product Exhibitions
  • Vouchers and Coupons for retail redemption
  • Store Front Promotions

Countless features and options

  • Optional Data Collection
  • Customized Branding
  • Controlled Prize Inventory
  • Cross platform use in phones/ tablets/ computers
  • Send branded email to all players