Facebook App – Virtual Marketing System

Facebook Applications! It’s one of the most used social media platforms on the Internet. No matter how big or how small you are, you can use our Facebook Application to increase traffic to your Facebook page or website.

*Note: Facebook has depreciated the requirement of requiring a user to Like a page to view its content

Businesses Use Our Interactive Facebook App to:

  • Increase Business Likes
  • Engage Users
  • Convert Like base to email addresses
  • Increase Your Brand Awareness
  • Increase Sales with Coupons and Prizes

We offer interactive Facebook promotions, which are a powerful way to attract consumers, while you are building solid fans and capturing data for lead generation. Play a basic Virtual Prize Wheel

Many businesses are using our application to convert fans to email addresses on Facebook. We recommend you using our application before it is too late.

Interactive Facebook Games

For a demonstration visit our Facebook page

Facebook App

Virtual Games for Facebook

Once you have tried the demo, contact us at 1-877-530-4499 and we will quote you the price based on your needs and help you set it all up.

Other Features:

  • You set the odds and the inventory amounts for each prize level
  • You will be collecting contact data
  • Block over play with optional email and IP address block options
  • The interactive game will be designed and branded to your business
  • Our interactive games are self-managed promotions
  • A branded email will be sent to all players

Understand that Facebook is constantly going through changes. With that thought in mind, we can not offer a 100% guarantee that the application is going to work forever. However, we have always been able to work around Facebook code changes.

Ask the developer

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