The below is mostly outdated

Facebook App Prize Wheel: In the small seaside town of Scituate Harbor, Massachusetts is the highly acclaimed Day Spa.  While tranquility is happening within its doors, the same cannot be said for what is going on at their Facebook Fan site.

The Facebook Prize Wheel Marketing App allows people to take a Spin from the Fan Site and post to all their friend’s Walls increasing the spa’s visibility and name recognition. Pushing people into their Fan site and interacting with the Brand is the goal. It only took one person to post after the Spin to get the viral effect in motion.

This style of a post no longer exists. Facebook has also depreciated Fan-gating

Facebook App Prize Wheel

Facebook App Prize Wheel

Click here to play and example of a Facebook App Prize Wheel

Fun and Enjoyable Marketing Games Online

By providing fun and exciting online marketing games, you can efficiently draw your customer closer to your brand. In fact, there are various marketing games that you can offer your customers and potential clients such as virtual bingo, prize wheel, scratch off, slot machine, plinkio, match 3, and car starter. All of these will successfully help you in increasing brand awareness among your target audience.

Facebook App offer virtual spinning wheel in order to convert Facebook followers into customers in the most convenient way. If you are currently looking for an excellent digital marketing partner, it is really important to determine the level of expertise before choosing one. Offer instant win games and other special promotions in order to boost your sales marketing efforts in no time.

However, make sure that your chosen virtual game will quickly please the eyes of your target market. You can do this by offering incentives, freebies and other giveaways. If you need to deliver highly interactive and innovative online gaming apps, a highly experienced company can do the job for you in the simplest way possible.

Customers can easily be enticed through game rewards and prizes so make sure to update your marketing efforts in a more efficient way. Through modern promotions, your existing customers and prospects can immediately find your product or service and choose your brand. With the help of cost efficient advertising companies, it will be much easier for you to get more customers to your site.

Online marketing has been an effective way to promote various brands on the internet while getting visitors to your site and convert them to loyal customers. Once you have incorporated brand gaming on your business, you can easily capture more customers online while leveling up customer experience in a more effective way. Apparently, the state of the art technology significantly helps in promoting online gaming to users.

With the increasing availability of interactive gaming software, online businesses are able to ensure that products and services are well promoted to targeted audience. Always know that consumers want to get more giveaways and freebies so it is important to integrate it with your business. If you haven’t think about it yet, it will be of great help once you incorporate it with your business.