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A potential patron visits your website and spins the Virtual Prize Wheel. Lucky winners can receive anything, from a free drink or appetizer to a half-priced entree. Of course, they will need to come to your restaurant to redeem their prize – and wind up winning again by sampling your excellent cuisine. You have won a new patron. Word of mouth – both about your restaurant and your Virtual Prize Wheel – will win you additional patrons. It’s easy and it’s fun!

The Prize Wheel is a great way to encourage customer loyalty for your business during the slow times of the week, month, or year!


How Interactive Gaming Software Helps Businesses Worldwide

Since people love giveaways and other freebies, “interactive virtual game marketing” software is indeed the best solution. Many businesses offer more fun brand gaming in order to attract more customers to visit the site and purchase products and services online. With the help of games that offer instant wins, more and more customers are choosing such brand while enjoying their time in playing online games.

You can actually interact and engage with other brands in order to find the best product and service that will meet your needs and expectations in no time. Through increased lead generation, existing customers as well as potential buyers will be satisfied by the brand gaming offers so that consumers will remember the brand whenever they need to buy similar product or service offered online.

If you want to effectively promote your brand to your target audience, you can always rely on interactive gaming software. As a matter of fact, these marketing products are proven to provide increase in sales as well as lead generation since people look for incentives to get from any product or service found on the web.

You can even collect names, email addresses and other personal details from your prospects so that you can efficiently increase your sales and achieve your business goals in a more efficient and convenient manner. Truth is, lead generation needs capturing personal information of your potential clients especially the email address in order to update your contact list and send emails conveniently.

With creative and fun online games, you can make sure that your online marketing efforts are provided with great efficiency in order to get more customers and visit your website. This also a highly successful method of driving organic traffic to your site while helping your brand become well recognized in the online marketplace. Through brand engagement as well as awareness experiences, customers are actually satisfied to receive such service online.

Rates on ad response and click through will significantly increase since people are excited about the prizes they will win from the online games provided. The best things about these interactive gaming platforms is that it is convenient to use since you can use your mobile, computer or any other device in order to play these online games. If you are looking for ways to successfully improve your sales through incentives, you can depend on play codes.

Interactive game programs can actually be used by all e-commerce stores on the web through coupon codes. Help your brand get an upbeat customer experience and let people notice your promotional products and services. In fact, there is no better way to promote your brand right now but to offer these brand gaming platforms online to increase your customer base and sales marketing efforts.

When it comes to client surveys, you can add incentive elements to quickly entice the attention of your visitors even the first timers. Whether your business is direct mailing, financial company, hair and beauty salon, travel agency, retail, or any type and size of business, interactive gaming is the way to go. No matter what your corporate goals are, this is the ultimate way to improve your sales and increase your customers online.

In order to help you better understand this kind of digital marketing solution, here are some of the add-ons and variations involved in brand gaming:

  • unique variations code that players can use
  • bar codes included in emails
  • coupon codes displayed on screen
  • Facebook like application
  • tablets, mobile, or web browser app
  • kiosk with convenient printing solution
  • interactive advertisements
  • email message to SMS conversion
  • SMS auto-reply to play

Hence, the game options include contact details collection, single play each IP address, single play each email address, single play each day, one-prize level to five, full-screen display, compatible with mobile or tablet, Facebook apps, and customized game development. With so many options to choose from, you can effectively find the best one to suit your online marketing needs.

By meeting the specific requirements of your clients, you can make them become more loyal to your brand while helping them get needed products or service in no time!

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