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Virtual Custom Branded Instant Win Marketing Games

Games for Trade Shows / Events, Sales Promotions, Kiosks, Websites, Lead Generation and More!

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Games for MarketingEveryone loves a giveaway! We’ve just made it more fun! Using our Game Marketing software and Virtual Game’s for controlled instant win software to enable brand engagement is almost without limits, our innovations help businesses engage, attract, interact with, increase lead generation and so much more.

Why Brand Gaming? We make this easy to do!

We work directly with you to execute your promotion or application to be certain you are leveraging the full value of our systems. Secondly, our staff knows that one size does not fit all and you don’t have the time to master every aspect of our technology. Most importantly Brand Gaming will work with you to build your promotion.

Check out our portfolio of Digital Marketing Games.

Cross-platform for Event Marketing, Retail POS/Merchandising Stores, Digital Signs, apps, web sites and more… Let’s Get your Game on!

If you attend a business expo, watch which table has the most people standing in front of it – it’s usually the one with a spinning wheel for a chance to win a prize!

We’re about Virtual custom branded Instant Win games and lots of options!

Playing games at trade show

Playing games at trade show

We have been at this the last 15 years and our client’s suggestions have propelled our application to include great features and systems. Simply put, we can do things that can not be done with other virtual game marketing systems. We’re serious about games because we know that the most powerful marketing force in the universe is games!

Available Branded Game Marketing Instant Win Games

Virtual Prize WheelVirtual Scratch OffVirtual GolfSlot MachinePlinko Style GamesDiceCash Cube, Virtual Bingo, Memory Match and Custom Instant Win Games.

Please browse the website, play the digital demonstration games, see the features and options then call and speak to the developer, David Harkins at 1-877-530-4499 to discuss your needs and to quote your instant win promotion.

You set the prizes, you set the odds! Unlimited access to the self-administered Administrative Center, however, we help at any level so you will be self-assured of a sound promotion. Finally, a unique interactive promotion for brands of all sizes!

Options, usage, and design at a glance

Odds & Inventory Controlled Marketing Games for Trade Shows / Virtual Events, Websites, Mobile, Retail, Social & More!

Carefully crafted over time for all devices!

Instant Wing Games
Push Button Games
Game Kiosks
Sales Promotions using games
Branded Marketing Games
SMS Games

Try our demonstration games

Prize Wheel
Digital Slot Machine
Golf Long Drive Game
Crack the Safe Game
Choose One Game
Bingo Game
Drop Disk a Plinko type of Game
Digital Money Machine
Choose a Box Game
Dice Game
Memory Match Game


Game Features

  • You set the odds with the inventory for each prize level.
  • Optional collection of contact data
  • Fully Branded to your Business
  • All Device Compatibility
  • Anti-Fraud mechanics
  • Primarily Self Managed
  • SSL Secured Data
  • Zapier Automations
  • Developer Phone Support

Game Options

  • Send a branded email to all players
  • Full-Screen Monitor or Tablet Display
  • Zapier Data Integrations
  • Player Restriction Rules
  • Up to Six Prize Levels
  • Redirect by Prize Level
  • Optional Schedule by Day
  • Use Variable Data
  • Limited Offline Usage Available

Game Add-Ons

  • Unique Play Code to Play
  • Display Unique Bar Code or Bar Code Numbers in Email
  • Display Coupon Codes On-Screen
  • SMS to Screen
  • Kiosk with Printing
  • Convert email to SMS*
  • SMS Autoreply to Play
  • Custom Game Development

A few primary features of our systems

Every game is fully branded! You get complete control for prize / coupon / points distribution. You may collect data or not, use a Play Code to only allow players with a valid code to play. We offer Fraud Protection to protect your game from abuse using Play Rules. Send players an email or SMS.

We’ve listened to our clients over the years and passionately never stop enhancing our marketing products. Most advanced options and systems you won’t see on the website, but we can do crazy cool things! Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We work closely with you every step of the way.

Zapier used for Games

Automate data to over 5000 online applications using Zapier. Optionally put a unique code number or barcode into every email and lots of other things.

Marketing Automation

More Game Options

  • Fully Controlled Online Prize Pool or Optional Offline options.
  • Contact Data Collection system up to eight fields, or none
  • Send a fully branded email to all players
  • Use your own SMTP for sending emails to players
  • Unique Play Code/Token Code to Play for Sales Promotions
  • Send Digital Rewards with Zapier / Tango Gift Card Integration
  • Display Unique Coupon Codes in every email
  • Fraud protection with play rules such as: One play per IP address, One play per day email address and many others
  • Offer from one prize level to all five
  • Queue games behind each other
  • Cross Platform for Mobile/Tablet/Computers
  • Full Screen Display for computers and tablets
  • Data Automation API with Zapier
  • Redirect to a url after play
  • Pass data into game from a variable url
  • New! SMS to Screen Engagement
  • Kiosk with Printing
  • Display Coupon Codes On-Screen
  • Playable Ads
  • Off-line random games
  • Surveys with Incentives and ask about “Predictive Prizing”
  • …and a bunch of other features..


From small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, Brand Gaming Marketing systems are being leveraged by smart companies Internationally. We’re proud of the success our customers have achieved through the use of our products. We help businesses grow by creating more meaningful brand engagement experiences.


Here’s what our Branded Interactive Game Marketing Products can do for you.

  • Capture names and email addresses of players for lead generationGame Marketing
  • Promote Brand Engagement for new or current base
  • Fun interactive contest element to add to any promotion or event
  • Drive traffic to your website using rewards and prize incentives
  • Increase click through and advertising response rates
  • Retail Merchandising or POS Engagement and awareness experiences
  • Sales Promotions using Play Codes for a play on a game
  • May be used for an eCommerce store using coupon codes
  • Boost foot traffic with Game Marketing into your physical location
  • Engage with a positive Brand experience
  • Promote new product and or services in a fun and engaging way
  • Design fun-based client surveys with incentives to ensure and improve participation
  • Reward customers for loyalty and keep them connected to your business

Types of businesses using Branded Game Marketing … Automotive Manufacturers Restaurants Retail Stores Big Brands Sales Managers Marketing Agencies Software Companies Promotional Products Industry Travel Industry Application Developers Car Dealerships Technology Companies Hair Salons & Spas Bowling Alleys Hotels & Inns Fan Engagement for sports teams Trade Show Industry Colleges Disc Jockeys Direct Mailing Companies Deli’s and Markets Pet Companies Banks/Financial Institutions Insurance Companies Publishers Independent Sales Consultants We have found over the years that this product could benefit any company or organization.

Mobile games used in marketing

Available Branded Game Marketing Instant Win Games
Virtual Prize Wheel, Virtual Scratch Off, Virtual Golf, Slot Machine, Plinko, Dice, Choose One, Virtual Bingo, Memory Match and Custom Instant Win Games.

Recent Client Branded Games