Marketing Games for Websites.

Turn your website visitors into leads!

Accelerate Your Visitor Engagement
We can add the power of gamification to increase visitor engagement. Brand your Brand to Life with a positive brand engagement and a little fun.

Use Our Virtual Interactive Marketing Promotions to:

  • Promote Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation Tool to acquire contact data
  • Improve your Interactive Online Advertising
  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Reward / Motivate Customers or Employees
  • Create Positive Brand Engagement
  • Drive People Into Your Website/Booth/Store
  • Increase Advertising Response Rates or CTR’s
  • Increase Customer Frequency
  • … and so much more

VISIT OUR GALLERY to see what others have done. There are many versions and options for creating unique Game promotions. Call now! 1-877-530-4499 for a fast quote and more detailed information.

Marketing Games for Website

You have complete control! Every game is fully branded! You get complete control for prize, coupon, and points distribution. You may also collect data for lead generation, We also provide Fraud Protection for the protection of your game from abuse use of Play Rules. For instance restrict to One play per email addess, or IP address. Exciting features include sending players an email. Automation of data to over 5000 online applications using Zapier. You also have the option to put a unique code number or bar code into every email and lots of other things. Contact us to chat about a Marketing Games for your website.

Game Features

  • You set the odds with the inventory for each prize level.
  • Optional collection of contact data
  • Fully Branded to your Business
  • All Device Compatibility
  • Anti-Fraud mechanics
  • Primarily Self Managed
  • SSL Secured Data
  • Zapier Automations
  • Developer Phone Support

Game Options

  • Send a branded email to all players
  • Full-Screen Monitor or Tablet Display
  • Zapier Data Integrations
  • Player Restriction Rules
  • Up to Six Prize Levels
  • Redirect by Prize Level
  • Optional Schedule by Day
  • Use Variable Data
  • Limited Offline Usage Available

Game Add-Ons

  • Unique Play Code to Play
  • Display Unique Bar Code or Bar Code Numbers in Email
  • Display Coupon Codes On-Screen
  • SMS to Screen
  • Kiosk with Printing
  • Convert email to SMS*
  • SMS Autoreply to Play
  • Custom Game Development

Call now! 1-877-530-4499 for a fast quote and more detailed information.

Why Brand Gaming? We make this easy to do!

We will work directly with you to execute your promotion or application to be certain you are leveraging the full value of our systems. Secondly, we know that one size does not fit all and you don’t have the time to master every aspect of our technology. Most importantly Brand Gaming will work with you to build out your promotion. The execution does require good communication.

Are Digital Games a good idea for website marketing?
Website GamesGames are an effective way to engage users and drive traffic to a website. They can create a fun and interactive experience for users, which can encourage them to spend more time on the site, win prizes or discounts and learn about the products or services being offered, and share the website with their friends and followers on social media.

Our games are well-suited for website marketing. This type of game ensures that the game aligns with the marketing goals and resonates with the users. Additionally, the game should be graphically well-designed. They are user-friendly, and optimized for mobile devices to provide the best user experience.

In summary, games can be an effective marketing tool, but they should be carefully planned and executed to achieve the desired results.