Game Kiosk

Game Kiosk

Game Kiosk

Kiosk Touch Screen Example & Demo
Game Kiosk versions operate in a variety of ways. You may purchase a fully designed kiosk from any kiosk manufacturer, or build your own using a lightweight countertop computer, monitor, and receipt printer.

Game Kiosk

Game Kiosk

The receipt printer allows you to add additional coupons to the Prize or Coupon receipt that is generated after the game is played.

Fill your Prize Wheel, or Slot Machine game with prizes or coupons. You set the inventory and the odds. You may either collect contact data or not collect. Either way a receipt will be printed for player to redeem.

This product is also tremendous for increasing customer frequency, cross promoting businesses, Frequent Customer Clubs and may be used for Points, or discounts. The possibilities are endless!

Kiosk versions currently require a keyboard. Output can be via email, auto-print, or write all data into the database. In order to print, Kioware Lite is required.

There is no online demo for this Kiosk version. Please play any other Prize Wheel demo. The difference is that our Kiosk Software will optionally print a receipt.

Testimonial – “Altogether the software and kiosk technology cost us about $1,000,” he explained. “The results have been substantial. It’s helped increase traffic and promoted the image of our store as a fun place for students to visit. We plan to keep using it for different promotions throughout the year, so I would definitely say it’s been well worth the money!” Full article here

To run a demo on your computer follow the below steps. Very simple!

The Full Screen Kiosk is designed by us to run at the screen resolution of your monitor. For this demo we have two sizes..

Download and install Kioware Lite  Click Here. (Comes with 500 hours of demo time)

Choose and download the Config file sized at 1024×768 or 1366×768 screen resolution to run your demonstration.

1) Open Kioware Light Configuration Setup.  Choose, File, Load Setting From File. Load the configuration file and save.
2) Set a default printer on your computer, preferably a receipt printer.
3) Kioware Lite operates through MS Explorer. In order for the receipt to print correctly you need to set the margins in Explorer.

Open MS Explorer. Go to File, Page Setup
Set Margins as follows.
Left: 0.01
Right: 5.66
Top: 0
Bottom: 0

The first play after loading will give you a blank printout.

Launch Kioware Lite and you will have a demo Kiosk System. Please call 877-530-4499 should you need any help. There are times that we’ll need to tweak certain items to make it perfect.

Optionally you may use a tablet for counter top promotions.  Details apply.

Game Kiosk

Game Kiosk

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