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Using our Points Contest Promotion Game you will be capable of tracking and totaling points won by players. Each time the play with the same email address, points will be added to their account which allows companies or organizations to stimulate players, create healthy competition among people, generate a product social ‘buzz’, and foster customer loyalty.

With our back-end gaming engine, you can set the play rules for one two, three plays per day, week, month. You set the rules!

Points can be won or earned through specific actions such as loyalty rewards or gameplay. The player then can use such points to win certain prizes or more attempts to play.

Benefits of using a point system:

  • Let your players be rewarded just for playing.
  • Gather a buzz around your game and brand.
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Players earn points to use towards prizes or other games.

Available Instant Win Games for Points Accumulation
Prize Wheel, Scratch Off, Virtual Golf, Slot Machine, Crack the Safe or Bingo

The Points Marketing Game system builds excitement and a sense of accomplishment to the gamer. With every play, the player feels rewarded for earning points.
This is the formula for a successful game, whereby the player earns points or experience to engage and excite them. Points give the player the feeling of moving forward and accomplishing a goal, and in the end, win a prize or even more points just for participating in the game.

Brand-Gaming offers games with Points Contest Promotion Marketing that the players can earn based on the parameters you set. Each time they play with the same email address points will be added to their total score.

In other game environments, points or experience is earned by the player. The player has a sense of accomplishing something. This engages the player, and creates excitement as well as competition.

If for example, you wanted to have two departments in your organization to compete for prizes. A point game might be perfect to foster friendly competition

Points Contest Promotion

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