This promotion is highly effective. Use the Virtual Prize Wheel or other marketing game in your current advertising that is circulating. People will notice a chance to win a up to a $25.00 Gift Card by playing virtual prize wheel at their web site. Offer a cup of soup, a free drink, whatever food product you can afford to give away to motivate players to become customers. This restaurant promotion will also help you build your email marketing list very quickly.

Marketing Games for any deviceBenefits:

  • Capture data and email addresses of players

  • Fun for any promotion or event

  • Drive traffic into your website with the incentive of winning a prize

  • Increase Brand awareness and engamgement with contests

  • May be used for an eCommerce store using coupon codes

  • Boost foot traffic into your physical location

  • Can be used to fill in slow business days
    (Example: Prizes can be redeemed Monday thru Thursday)

  • Amazing for websites or Trade Shows (view tradeshow video)

  • Funbrand engagement

  • Promote new product and or services

  • Affordable for any business

marketing trade show game.If you are searching for a way to increase your email list or attract an audience to your product, don’t hesitate to use marketing games. They are a great way to engage your customers and help them learn about your company and your brand better. Adult life can be busy and hard, so people will take every opportunity to talk.

With commitment and fun, brand games blur the line between marketing and entertainment to create an effective brand space. They enable you to engage, inform and fascinate your customers, get to know your audience and collect valuable marketing information. By developing interesting game mechanics and using games, your customers spend more time with your product or brand, resulting in higher retention, brand awareness and sales.

In a world where consumers expect businesses and consumers to be more responsive to their businesses, interactive marketing, alongside social media, is one of several ways business owners can meet their market needs. Brand games, promotional games and promotional games are effective marketing tools to engage your customers and highlight your product or brand. They are the perfect tools to gain the knowledge of your customers and give them more insight into your product.

You can not only create interactive marketing experiences for your customers, but also for your competitors. This can be achieved by developing an experience platform that invites customers to engage with their brand message in a dynamic way. Whether you want to create contests, quizzes, surveys, calculators, interactive emails, walkthroughs or videos, there are ways to achieve this.

Movies, TV shows, sports and video game campaigns are easy to gamify once the plot and characters are set. There are no restrictions on the types of companies that can benefit from interactive content.

Video is an interactive element that brands use every day. It is not a passive one-way street, but an interactive experience. In social media posts, video elements perform better than static posts, so you can add interactive elements to videos to be more effective.

Virtual Games for lead generationAlthough interactive videos have been around for several years, many users are not yet familiar with them, and brands are still finding the best ways to take advantage of the trend.

Combining an interactive video with a multiple choice quiz is a great way to draw attention as it turns passive viewers into active ones. For users, gamification addresses the reward mechanisms built into our brains, and it works well in organizing contests, sweepstakes, interactive videos, and stories.

Not surprisingly, interactive games have been shown to increase the engagement, brand viewing time, and conversion of video content by enhancing the viewer’s experience and personalization. By creating intentions, interactive videos can capture the attention of viewers when they are about to move away or click away, and re-engage them when they are asked to act. A great example of this is how Rephene uses interactive games to enhance their recruitment experience.

Interactive videos are effective in attracting new customers and demonstrating the benefits of your offerings. Depending on your marketing goals, you can use purchasable videos, industry videos, video quizzes, etc. Interactive features make it possible to turn customers from passive viewers into active participants by engaging with the video.

A recent survey found that 88% of marketers think that interactive advertising is an excellent way for brands to differentiate themselves from competitors. In mobile advertising, there is no better way to give users a preview of your app than through interactive ads. There are different kinds of interactive ads including interactive video ads, interactive end maps and playable ads that allow users to play a game or use a product.

Let’s find out what it takes to make a great interactive ad, guide you through Liftoff’s approach to creating great interactive ads and why we think they are an absolute must for mobile marketers.

As a creative marketing agency specializing in video production, VMG Studios delves into the world of interactive media to find out why it is such a successful option for our customers. This article discusses the many benefits of interactive videos, including how they can help turn viewers into customers. Video games, of course, have interactive players that are crucial to the development of the narrative.

Push Button GamesInteractive content is most effective when it connects the user to the brand on multiple levels. Interactive tools such as quizzes, instan twin, branched content, games and interactive videos for example provide audiences with powerful experiences. Interactive marketing offers a creative and unique experience that is personalized for the user; this means that it keeps the user’s attention, it increases the excitement, and they are more likely to seek it.

Other challenges of interactive marketing include attracting audience attention with content available today, turning viewers into leads, making marketing efforts more customer-centric, extending the reach of your content and achieving marketing automation. A major advantage of interactive marketing is that consumers expect companies to exceed their expectations. Interactive Marketing enhances organizations’ chances of meeting customer needs by showing interest in the product and enabling marketers to respond to their actions.

Some of the most popular brands using this marketing form are Jack Reacher, John Wick, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Game of Thrones. Interactive marketing Games are not supposed to lead to more sales, but they do offer brands the opportunity to have a playful personality. Interactions are designed to create positive associati
ons and relationships with users that can benefit in the long term.

Considering its worldwide distribution, it is fair to highlight it as an independent form of marketing communication. Ignoring this staggering statistic, most companies spend only 12.5% of their marketing budget on static digital advertising.

More and more marketers are turning to interactive brand marketing to engage consumers from the first click. Read on to find out how you can integrate interactive game marketing into your next major brand activation campaign. Interactive video is a relatively new form of media, which means that when it comes to incorporating it into your current marketing repertoire there is a learning curve.

Mobile games used in marketing

Available Branded Game Marketing Instant Win Games
Virtual Prize WheelVirtual Scratch Off, Virtual Golf, Slot MachinePlinko, Dice, Choose One, Virtual Bingo, Memory Match and Custom Instant Win Games.