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10 fast marketing ideas for Salon’s and Spa’s using a Virtual Prize Wheel.

1. Have it your website and start collecting contact information while motivating players into your salon. Use this contact data in your future email marketing

2. Create am in-store Point of Purchase display to engage players.  Offer discounts on specific brands and give away overstock products.

3.  Have contests with your staff.  When they reach a goal they then receive a spin on the prize wheel.

4.  Create a referral or bring-a-friend program when goals are reached the referring client receives a spin on the prize wheel

5. Offer the virtual prize wheel on your Facebook page requiring clients to Like the page in order to have a Spin.

6.  Have the prize wheel at the front desk allowing players to spin and win a discount on services not regularly booked

7. Offer a survey from your website. When the survey is submitted they will be redirected to the prize wheel

8. Use the chance of winning on the prize wheel in your traditional advertising to generate an increased response rate

9. Use it to encourage Gift Card sales from your website.  Buy a Gift Card get a chance to win.

10.  Partner with distributors or like businesses and everyone will benefit from a controlled interactive promotions.  The virtual prize wheel is as versatile as your imagination.

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