games for marketing

games for marketing

Promote your region by using the Virtual Prize Wheel. Tourists are always look for new places to visit and more then likely start online. Attract them with giving them a chance to win something that would benefit them while they are visiting your region. You could ask the fellow businesses in your region to help fill up the wheel with different prizes or coupons, such as dinner for two at a local restaurant, 50% off stay at a local hotel, etc… With this, it will attract those potential tourists to come to your region to redeem their prize or coupon. Hopefully they will like their stay and will continue to come back year after year.


A few examples of a Chamber of Commerce Promotion using a Virtual Prize Wheel
Using a virtual prize wheel for a Chamber of Commerce promotion can be a fun and engaging way to attract attention, encourage participation, and promote local businesses. Here are a few examples:
  1. Shop Local Campaign:

    • Title: “Spin to Win Local Delights!”
    • Promotion: Encourage residents to shop at local businesses. Each spin could reveal discounts or special offers from various Chamber member businesses.
  2. Business Showcase:

    • Title: “Discover Your Local Gems!”
    • Promotion: Highlight different Chamber businesses each week. Spins could feature exclusive deals, promotions, or information about the showcased business.
  3. Community Events Promotion:

    • Title: “Event Extravaganza!”
    • Promotion: Promote upcoming Chamber-sponsored events or community gatherings. Prizes on the wheel could include VIP access, event merchandise, or tickets.
  4. Membership Drive:

    • Title: “Join & Win!”
    • Promotion: Encourage new members to join the Chamber. The prize wheel could offer exclusive perks for new members, such as discounted membership fees or promotional opportunities.
  5. Restaurant Week Specials:

    • Title: “Taste of the Town!”
    • Promotion: Highlight local restaurants during a designated week. Prizes on the wheel could include free appetizers, discounts, or exclusive menu items.
  6. Local Services Showcase:

    • Title: “Spin for Services!”
    • Promotion: Showcase local service providers like salons, gyms, or repair services. Prizes could include discounted services or free consultations.
  7. Community Scavenger Hunt:

    • Title: “Spin for Clues!”
    • Promotion: Combine the virtual prize wheel with a community-wide scavenger hunt. Each spin provides a clue to finding a hidden item in a local business.
  8. Charity Fundraiser:

    • Title: “Spin for a Cause!”
    • Promotion: Use the virtual prize wheel to raise funds for a local charity or community project. Each spin could represent a donation amount, and participants contribute to spin.
  9. Seasonal Promotions:

    • Title: “Seasonal Surprises!”
    • Promotion: Tailor the virtual prize wheel to match different seasons or holidays. Prizes could include seasonal discounts, themed products, or exclusive holiday offers.
  10. Business Networking Mixer:

    • Title: “Networking Roulette!”
    • Promotion: Encourage attendance at Chamber networking events. Spins could provide opportunities for participants to connect with specific businesses or win complimentary tickets to future events.

When implementing a virtual prize wheel promotion, make sure to effectively market the event through social media, email newsletters, and other communication channels to maximize participation and engagement.