Branded Engagement Games for Business Marketing.
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Digital prize wheel

Custom Wheel Spinner

Custom Wheel Spinner Online Have you ever considered using a branded virtual Custom Wheel Spinner for marketing, engagement, or lead generation purposes? These forms of games and prizes are a fantastic way to attract attention and get the type of engagement you are looking for with the simple click of a button. Our company works

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Branded Mobile Games

SMS to Screen Technology Marketing Applications

The underlying technology is complex and needs to be well understood. For a conversation and demonstration please call 877-530-4499 Text messaging apps are on every phone world-wide. It doesn’t get easier than this! Text-To-Screen games can be displayed on various types of monitors, such as: Large outdoor screen displays Large screen displays at game centers and

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Mobile html5 / javascript Virtual Prize Wheel Promotions

Mobile html5/javascript Games Everyone is looking at their phone, why not give them something fun to do? Most mobile marketing schemes are not about the user. Watch a video, Like us on Facebook? What’s in it for the end user? Very little! Everyone like a chance to win something, it’s a fact! Our mobile marketing

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NFC Marketing Games

NFC technology, Near Field Communications offers serious new mobile marketing avenues to engage players with Brands via mobile marketing games.  It won’t be long until you will be using NFC on your smartphone on a daily basis, it will be a part of your daily life. Engage consumers at the point of sale, on retail

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Hair Salon / Spa marketing with a Virtual Prize Wheel

10 fast marketing ideas for Salon’s and Spa’s using a Virtual Prize Wheel. 1. Have it your website and start collecting contact information while motivating players into your salon. Use this contact data in your future email marketing 2. Create an in-store Point of Purchase display to engage players.  Offer discounts on specific brands and

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