Promote your location with the Virtual Prize Wheel. With the New Year here and New Years Resolutions to be done, the fitness and recreational centers are one of the hot spots. With people looking and comparing location to location to find which would be the best for them, attract them to yours by giving them a chance to win. Once they win, they will have to come to your physical location to redeem it. Once they are there, they will get a first hand look at your place.

Use the Virtual Prize Wheel as a Monthly Promotion for current members or a visitors incentive. People enjoy having a work out partner and most fitness centers allows you to bring a guest. Once they bring their guest in they will see the Kiosk for the Virtual Prize Wheel. This will be an incentive for them to join your fitness or recreational center, especially if they win a discount towards signing up.

With all the data that you collect through the Virtual Prize Wheel, you can get to your members and guest easily each month.


Spinning digital prize wheel