Play Code Incentive Games

Would you like to create an instant win incentive promotion that rewards employees or customers with Play Codes? Would you like to encourage your employees or customers to reach new and higher levels? Brand Gaming offers exactly that and is being leveraged by lots of smart companies worldwide. We’ve been doing lots of Play Code […]

SMS to Screen Technology Marketing Applications

Branded Mobile Games

The underlying technology is complex and needs to be well understood. For a conversation and demonstration please call 877-530-4499 Text messaging apps are on every phone world-wide. It doesn’t get easier than this! Text-To-Screen games can be displayed on various types of monitors, such as: Large outdoor screen displays Large screen displays at game centers and […]

Sweepstakes Games for consumer Engagement

Sweepstakes Games for Consumer Engagement High volume offline games! Drive customer’s brand excitement through Sweepstakes Games promotions and prized incentives. We offer Sweepstakes & Games as an independent solution that may be played 10’s of thousands of time per second with random play results, then redirecting to your form for redemption. Benefits of High Volume […]

Gamification for employees or customers. Marketing Games

We are currently working on an interactive fully Brandable Virtual Bingo system for companies to either live stream, screen-share or conference call a live Bingo game to employees. Engage employees or customers in a new exciting way. Call 1-877-530-4499 Is your business gamified? If not, it likely will be soon. The gamification market is estimated […]

Dentist Office Games For Kids – Digital Prize Wheel

Dentist Office Games For Kids Dentist Office Games For Kids! Engage children at your Dental Office with a fun reward allowing them to Spin a Digital Prize Wheel with Dental games for kids! Dentist Office or Orthodontic Practice Games For Kids can be beneficial in multiple ways. Promote your Dental office with the Virtual Prize […]

Points Marketing Game for Loyalty Rewards

Points Marketing Game Point’s games and usesJust one more…spin!Using our Points Marketing Game you will be capable of tracking and totaling points won by players. Each time the play with the same email address points will be added to their account which allows companies or organizations to stimulate players, create healthy competition among teams, generate […]

Captive Portal Marketing with Games

captive portal marketing

Benefits a Captive Portal Providing free WIFI to your clients or Guests?  Then you can benefit from a Captive Portal.A Captive Portal is a Web page that the user of a public network is required to view and interact with before access is granted. Brand-Gaming now offers Captive Portals for your small or large business. […]

A Million Marketing Ideas using Games

This will be a work in progress and we may never have a million, but as you will see there is an unlimited amount of promotions to build any business using our controlled marketing games. Add a game to a web site and find out who is visiting. Use game leads in your email marketing […]

Facebook App Prize Wheel

The below is mostly outdated Facebook App Prize Wheel: In the small seaside town of Scituate Harbor, Massachusetts is the highly acclaimed Day Spa.  While tranquility is happening within its doors, the same cannot be said for what is going on at their Facebook Fan site. The Facebook Prize Wheel Marketing App allows people to take a […]

Automotive Dealer Interactive Promotions & Marketing

What can we do for you? Use this Automotive Dealer Interactive Promotion to: Drive People Into Your Website or Automotive Dealer Showroom Acquire Leads of Buyers Incentive-Based Marketing for Customers or Employees Improve Advertising Response Rates Endless Creative Marketing Possibilities Any Automotive Dealer will benefit using a Virtual Prize Wheel or other interactive marketing system is […]